Onboard Weighing Sensor In China

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Onboard Weighing Sensor

  • Model: PT124B-273


The traditional onboard weighing sensors generally use the strain type weighing sensor or load sensor and their output signals are relatively weak, weak signal of late data amplification processing and data stability caused trouble, and our company's patent product star - silicon capacitance macro gravity sensor solves the this a series of problems

Two or more silicon capacitance macro gravity sensor on each axle and axle of the axle housing in a specific part of the installation, when the vehicle in a cargo loading the cargo weight change, the weight change will cause the corresponding deformation axle and axle housing, sensor can accurately induction to the stress and deformation and the deformation into electronic signals, through cable signal transmission to the weighing controller The product is of high stability, good stability, high quality seal and corrosion resistance . It can be directly put into water, oil and other liquid medium can also be compatible with other mine detection system.



Application fields: Logistics vehicle, refuse processing, petrochemical industry, coal mine and etc.

Application vehicles: cement mixer, oil tanker, garbage truck and etc.

Application scenarios: Cargo tracking, road safety, vehicle overloading, vehicle overrun, weighing-calculating charge.



Measurement load from 100kg to 500t

Non-contact measurement

Stainless steel house, corrosion resistance

Easy installation and remove with mounting bracket

Output signal up to 20mV/V

With antivibration more than 5G/40Hz






Measurement   range





±0.1%FS,   ±0.5%FS

Linearity,   repeatability and hysteresis

Power   supply


Vehicle   Terminal System12-24VDC

Output   signal


Analog   signal optional

Communication   interface

Aviation   plug

Communication   type

Standard RS485

RS232   optional



Special   design for IP68

Operating   temp


Required   Install QTY

Based   on the vehicle type

1-2pcs   each vehicle





Installation procedures and precautions        
1, Installation procedures
1)    Confirm the mounting position and quantity
2)    Weld the mounting base
3)    Confirm the mounting direction
4)    Mounting the sensor
5)    Connect the sensor

2, Cautions
1) Welding
Make sure the mounting base and the axle housing tight fit, at first fix the 4 corners with spot welding, then weld around.
2) Screw fastening
At first screw the bolt with hand, make sure the contact surface tight fit, then use hexagon spanner alternating right and left to tight enough.
3) Wiring
Connect the sensor according to the wiring code.