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Pressure Gauge

  • Model: PT124Y-622
  • Application PT124Y-622 adopts high performance imported bourdon tube, designed with special shockproof configuration, high pressure endurance


PT124Y-622 pressure plate diaphragm pressure gauge, adopts imported bourdon tube, connector is used in all stainless steel. In addition to the general diaphragm pressure gauge performance, this pressure gauge also has good shock-proof and anti-corrosion. It is suitable for the process pressure measuring of much machineries, such as Homogenizer machine, Mulser, Crusher, Other food machinery and so on.

Measuring liquid of large viscosity, easy to crystallize and solidify materials
Positive and negative pressure of corrosive media
Alkali, chemical fiber, dyeing, pharmaceutical, food and dairy industries sector
Measure the fluid pressure of the medium
Cost effective, high price ratio
Mechanical design
Install easily
Fill in silicon oil(food grade)
Good shock-proof and anti-corrosion
High reliability and good repeatability