Pressure and temperature indicator N60/N50/N10 In China

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Pressure and temperature indicator N60/N50/N10


The Function

N60/N50/N10 digital indicator is the new developed product of our company. It has much advanced technology in the world ,such as the technology in electron, singlechip, computer erasure, anti-jamming and so on. To make the indicator have the strong point of high precision of measure and control,as well as the well fuction of anti-jamming.The whole machine has three cases of 96*96*100(N60)/ 96*48*100(N50) 48*96*100 (N10). So it is small in volume, light in height and save power and completed function and reliable task. Flexible and easy to use. It can be widely used not only in situation of display and autocontrol in hydraulic pressure, oil, plastics, latex, printing and dyeing, textile industry but also can be compound with resistance strain guage press sensor of other manufactory. If it is used with our model PT124- series melt pressure transducers and normal pressure transducer. As high precision pressure of measure and control, it can be set upper limit and lower limit alarm.It has the indicator light on alarm,relay touch output control peripheral equipment, high precision of voltage output module, current output module and relay output control modult for user to choose.The machine adopts the operation of humanism,so it is easy for operating.

Specification and performance

(1).display                   double four digits high brightness green and ren radiation numeral pipe

(2).display exculpation rate     0001

(3).the range of display        0001-9999Mpa (radix point alterable)

(4).the precision of metre       0.2%FS+-1bit

(5).the display of indicator light  adjust indicator light,OUT output indicator light,AL1,AL2 alarm indicator light

(6).output signal statoscopo     2mV/V ;3.3mV/V (Optional)

(7).sampling speed             20 times/second

(8).sensor opeiating voltage     9V high precision DC

(9).output control               the pressure or electric current output  with full singal rult

(10).main alarm output          upper limit alarm has relay output (220V 1A) upper limit alarm display (out)

(11).assistant output            assistant output can be compound with different function module and set by the meter to meet the difference output need.The content in detail please read 13the explain of module function.Assistant output can be choosed from.(order for explain)

(12).the range of alarm          0001-9999Mpa (radix point alterable )

(13).Calibration display         display 80% of full ranges (the sensor should be no load) CAE light

(14).the temperature and humidity of work  0-55’C, ≥80%RH

(15).power demand               85-265VAC 50Hz-60Hz

(16).exterior size                 N60: 96mm x 96mm x 100 mm (W x H x D) ;

N50: 96mm×48mm×100 mm (W x H x D)

N10: 48mm×96mm×100 mm (W x H x D)

(17).placket size                  N60: 96mm x 96mm x 100 mm (W x H x D)

N50: 96mm×48mm×100 mm (W x H x D)

N10: 48mm×96mm×100 mm (W x H x D)

(18).itsele height                  approximately 400g/200g/200g