Wireless Transmission Digital Pressure Transmitter In China

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Wireless Transmission Digital Pressure Transmitter

  • Model: PT124B-289


The PT124B-289 serials is a low-power consumption wireless transmission digital pressure transmitter developed by ZHYQ, which is powered by battery. It has many types of wireless transmission mode, including GPRS, NB-iot , and LORa.


This series of products adopt explosion-proof cast aluminum shall and 304 stainless steel joint, built-in high precision pressure sensor, equipped with LCD screen, it can measure the gas, liquid, oil and other medium non-corrosion,  with strong medium compatibility characteristics.


This series of products has many auxiliary functions such as zero clear, backlighting, on/off, unit switching, low voltage alarm and so on.


This series of products has the functions of sensor sample rate settable, frequency settable, high and low voltage alarm value settable, instant pressure alarm, etc.


The GPRS wireless pressure transmitter rely on China Mobile's mature GPRS network, upload the field pipeline pressure to the cloud. Users can match IP address and other conventional parameters on-site or remotely.


The LORa wireless pressure transmitter, which is used with LORa gateway, has the advantages of low power consumption, long transmission distance, strong signal penetration and self organizing network.


The NB-IoT wireless pressure transmitter adopts the latest NB-IoT technology, with the advantages of low power consumption, high transmission efficiency and low cost.


This series of products approved CE certification and explosion-proof certification.






Standard   range: 0-0.16, 0.25, 0.4,0.6,1.0,1.6,2.5,5.10,25,40,60MPa

Micro   range: 0-1,2.5,4,6,10,25,40,60,100kpa

High   pressure: 0-100,160,200,250MPa

Negative   and compound range: -100…-60…-10… -5-0…5…10…60…100…1000kpa

Over   load

≤10MPa  200%;      10MPa 150%

Transmission   mode





1.0,   0.5

Power   supply

3.6V   Li battery  or 24V/12V DC optional

Long   term stability

0.25%FS/yr   (typical)

Display   and back light

LCD   display, back light white

Work   temperature


Compensation   temperature


Electric   protection


Sample   rate


Upload   rate

1-1440minute   settable

Alarm   setting

High/Low   alarm full span setting

Data   configuration

Press setting or   remote setting

Install   thread

M20*1.5, G1/2,   NPT1/4 (Customer design)

Safety   certificate


Explosion   proof



1.    NB-iot/GPRS   provide with IP address setting function

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