• Pressure Sensor, Pressure Transducer, Pressure Transmitter

Vortex Flowmeter



ZHYQ’s PT124B-503 vortex flowmeter is a kind of advanced speed flowmeter and has a wide range of applications. Flow metering, measurement and control of liquids, vapors and most gases.

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  • With a sophisticated low-power LCD display, the local display shows instantaneous flow, cumulative flow, frequency, pressure, temperature, density, current, percentage etc .
  • Probe used four piezoelectric ceramic technologies to effectively eliminate the influence of external vibration on the measurement
  • No moving parts, no wear, no mechanical maintenance and long service life
  • The probe and signal converter are universally interchangeable
  • Split type signal converter can be used, the cable can be up to 10 meters long.
  • Output 4-20mA current signal / pulse signal, or Modbus RS485 signal
  • Two types of intrinsic safety explosion-proof: Exia II CT6Ga; flameproof: Exd II CT6Gb
  • With HART–Protocol communication protocol, Modbus RS485 interface.
  • Widely used in Paper, sugar, various beverages
  • Water supply and drainage, environmental protection,
  • Water conservancy engineering, steel, petroleum, mining,
  • Pharmaceutical, heating, water supply,
  • Hot steam, saturated steam, compressed air.
Description Parameters

Nominal diameter(mm)

Claming connection  DN15~DN300                                          Flange connection DN15~DN500
Measuring medium Gas, liquid, steam



Others are optional


Medium  temp.

Standard temp.(-40 ~ +150)℃ medium temp.(-40 ~ +250)℃ high temp.(-40 ~ +350)℃


SUS304 / SUS316/ SUS316L, others are optional
Accuray 1.0%FS
Repeatability ≤±0.33%
Range ratio 1:10 ~ 1:20








Type Intergrated type, split type, temp. & pressure compensation type
Power supply 12VDC/24VDC, battery
Display type LCD display
Telecommunication HART , Modbus RS485
Signal output Three wires, 4-20mA two wires

Ex-proof grade

Intrinsically safe ex-proof Exia Ⅱ CT6FGa                              flameproof  Exd Ⅱ CT6Gb
Protection IP65,IP67,IP68
Electrical connection M20×1.5,1/2NPT

Ambient condition

Temp. (-30 ~ +60)℃
Humidity 5% ~ 90%
Air pressure (86 ~~106)kPa