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Intelligent digital pressure indicator

Intelligent digital pressure indicator



The intelligent digital pressure indicator designed with 96*96*105mm metal cover. Four-circuit pressure upstream and downstream programmable relay alarms.

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  • Good anti-Vibration
  • Excellent stability
  • LED Display
  • High precision, Low power consumption
  • Petroleum & Chemical
  • Pharmaceutical & drinking water treatment
  • Process pressure measurement and control for Food machinery and other automation equipment.
Display Dual 4-digit LED display
Precision 0.5%FS±1 bit
Digital transducer power 5V DC
Resolution 00.01
Range 0001-9999Mpa (Radix point changeable)
Use temperature & humidity 0-55% ≤80% RH
Power supply AC220V±10%  50Hz-60Hz
Output control Voltage and signal Linear Relation between the span output signals
Auxiliary output Four-circuit pressure upstream and downstream programmable relay alarms, with RS485 serial communication.
Dimension size 96×96×105mm
Panel cutout: 92×92mm