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Electric contact melt pressure gauge



The electric contact melt pressure gauge adopts the original packaging machine stamen, comes with signal and electric contact output. It is suitable for pressure automatic control and alarm in industrial automation process.

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  • ith electric contact switch signal output
  • Direct, local reading
  • Customer defined pressure gauge
  • Install easily, high reliability
  • Zero adjustment
  • Alarm relay
  • Chemical fiber and filature
  • Rubber & plastic machinery
  • The equipment of high temperature steam and polyester
  • Pressure measurement and control of polyester fiber, nylon and other special occasions.
Range 0~100bar~700bar
Output: Electric contact switch signal 3A
Accuracy ±1.6%FS
Configuration Bourdon tube
Over Pressure 1.5×FS
Dial Diameter 100mm
Needle sweep: 270º
Diaphragm material: Stainless steel
Case material: Stainless steel with safety glass
Max Diaphragm Temp. 350℃
Electric connector: Direct cable
Process Connection M22×1.5, G1(Optional)