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GND In-line Refractometer



GND series has the function of automatic temperature compensation according to the temperature of the tested medium , when the tested medium temperature changes , the Brix value ( soluble solids ) after temperature compensation is displays and the output changes accordingly.

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Tags: Refractometer, Brix

◆ Automatic temperature compensation

◆ Lightweight , compact and easy to install on site .

◆ LED display , easy to connect with other devices for automatic control

◆ Easy to operate , only one transmission line solves power and data transmission

◆ Suitable inline real-time monitoring and control of liquid substance concentration in various industries

◆ Cutting oil , mold release agent , quenching liquid , cleaning liquid , emulsion in the machining industry

◆ Food , chemical , paper , tobacco , environmental protection

Model: GND15 (Brix) ,GND33 (Brix), GND53 (Brix), GND93 (Brix)
Measure Parameters: Refractive index(nD), Brix, Concentration, Temperature T
Measure range: 0-15% , 0-33% , 0-53% , 0-93%
Resolution Ratio: Brix: 0.01%, nD: 0.00001
Measurement Accuracy: Brix: ±0.1%, nD: ±0.0001,

Brix: ±0.25%, nD: ±0.0025,

Brix: ±0.5%, nD: ±0.0005,

Measurement Temperature: 0-120℃(Automatic Temperature Compensation)
Operating current: ≤200mA
Display menu: Refractive index(nD) , Brix%, Temperature (° C)
Output : 4-20mA , RS485 optional
Power: 24V DC
Wetted parts material: Prism: sapphire, Prism stage: SS304 , SS316L (can be customized)
Optical source: LED(the wave length approximate to D line)
Max Pressure: 1MPa
Environment Temperature: 0-40℃
Protection grade: IP67
Instrument Size: 120mm*120mm*80mm